Catholic Professionals Network of Zimbabwe (CPNZ) 

The Genesis of CPNZ

To get started , there is need to re-echoe the question in the Shona vernacular by a fellow Catholic professional  “Ko tinenge tichiitei tika joiner CPNZ” (is it really worthy the while to join CPNZ) .This reminds of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin who was the Archbishop of Chicago. Just before he died, a reporter asked Cardinal Bernardin about this approach to his ministry. And he said, “You can’t really get on with preaching the Gospel until you’ve touched minds and hearts.” The exemplary work we do at our stations every day, how we conduct ourselves in our families and when we go that extra mile to make a difference in our communities and Church and CPNZ – we also touch hearts and minds.

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A Constantly Evolving Church Movement

The MCCP Madagascar comprises members from the liberal professional world and executives from the public service and the private sector. In its thirty years of existence, MCCP Madagascar has gone through different periods, in its life of movement (creation, evolution within the national authority of the Church, geographical extension) but also in the face of all aspects of national sociopolitical and economic life. The socioeconomic, cultural or environmental realities of Madagascar, as well as the lessons communicated by the Church through the Popes’ encyclicals or the Bishops’ letters, have influenced the actions undertaken by the movement.

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The Zambia Association of Catholic Professionals (ZACP) is a non-profit lay movement in the Catholic Church founded in 1999. The movement was officially establishment in 1992 when its constitution was approved by the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC).  ZACP is affiliated to the National Council of the Laity and the International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (ICMCA-PAX ROMANA).  The movement brings together Catholics of different professions in Zambia who pursue a common goal of living their apostolic mission, as lay members of the church by fruitfully placing their intellectual and moral resources at the service of the church and community at large


ZACP Mission is to promote the development of faith among catholic professionals as well as shaping and influencing public opinion with Christian principles in order to fulfill the Church’s mission of evangelization.

The Objectives include

  1. Promotion of a spirit of fellowship and Christian charity among Catholics and Society;
  2. Collaborate with the church hierarchy and various departments of the Catholic secretariat on various church and national issues;
  3. Offer professional services and spiritual enrichment to the Church society;
  4. Maintain liaison through meetings, correspondence and otherwise with other national and International movements involved in similar activities;
  5. Get involved and support concrete projects that improve the livelihood of the poor;
  6. React and respond to church and national issues on matters of human rights and development.


Membership to ZAP is open to all Catholic professionals of any discipline who are interested in building the Kingdom of God through ZACP.

[1] July 1991 minutes on the formation of the Zambia Association of Catholic Professionals