Safeguarding welfare and dignity of a child

The International Catholic Movement for Intellectuals and Cultural Affairs
Pax Romana Africa (ICMICA -MIIC Africa), commits to:

  • Ensure welfare of a child is respected. That all concerns and statements that confirm or deny facts and require proof must be investigated thoroughly and acted upon in accordance with the existing policies and procedures.
  • Ensure full participation of children: we shall support them by making them feel valuable by actively listening to them and being respectful.
  • Ensure that every staff member (including volunteers and interns) will have access to our policy document on safeguarding and be conversant with their duties and responsibilities.


To report any case of misconduct or child rights violation done by our staff our members, get in touch with our officers:

Designated Child Safeguarding Officer

  • Name: Perlargia Kapuya
  • Mobile: +263772702077
  • Location: Harare Zimbabwe

Deputy Designated Child Safeguarding Officer

  • Name: Atranus Method
  • Mobile: +255767562408
  • Location: Tanzania

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