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Dr. Jules Zannou, ICMICA International Vice President for Africa

Dr Jules Zannou is from Benin. He is the President of ICMICA in Africa. He is a Secretary-General of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Abomey-Calavi (FSA / UAC) Benin. Country Director of Fondation Graines de Paix Benin; lecturer on planning and project management (Faculty of Sciences and Techniques (FAST / UAC) Benin, lecturer on Labor Law, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Rights (Higher Institute for the Training of Specialized Educators (ISFES).


Perlagia Tafadzwa Kapuya, Secretary General ICMICA Africa.

Perlagia Tafadzwa Kapuya is a Zimbabwean feminist and a development practitioner focusing on Women Empowerment and Human Rights. She is an advocate for women’s economic justice as a critical aspect that ensures human dignity. She is also a seasoned consultant in training, and research focusing on women’s rights, SRHR, Entrepreneurship Development and Sustainable Livelihoods.


Atranus Mkago Method, Deputy Vice President ICMICA Africa

Atranus Mkago Method, a Tanzanian, an Advocate (Attorney) living and practicing Law in the United Republic of Tanzania. He is a holder of Bachelor of Laws (LLB)  from the University of Dar es Salaam (2011). He is the founder and Chief  Executive Counsel (Wakili Kiongozi) of Mkago Law Associates, a fast-growing law firm in Tanzania operating through its offices in Mwanza City, Tanga City and Songwe Town.


Field of Mrs. Anvo Binjamin

Being a single mother, Madam Anvo Binjamin managed to farm bananas on her plot with the seedlings given to her. The plantation is already in production. She is thankful to the project team and donors.

Field of Mrs. Bane Yvonne

Mrs. Bane Yvonne is a beneficiary of the project . Unlike other beneficiaries, after the training, she decided to engage in the cultivation of several crops. Having little space to cultivate, she opted for mixed crops where she put cassava, yams, and some market gardening together.

Field of Mr. Teki Martin

The plantation is already in production. Mr. Teki Martin, the owner of the plantation, shared all his satisfaction with the seedlings received from ICMICA for the establishment of this plantation. He expressed his wish to expand his plantation for the years to come.

Our Mission

  • ICMICA in all its activities commit to:
    Promote intercultural, inter-religious and intellectual dialogue;
    Promote the protection of fundamental human rights for all, including socio-economic rights;
    Promote critical and constructive dialogue and involvement in socio-political issues through the empowerment of civil society actors and the strengthening the presence of the laity in Church & Society.