What is ICMICA Pax Romana?

The International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (ICMICA-Pax Romana) is a global community of Catholic intellectuals and Professionals engaged in the world with a spirituality of action- from over 60 countries, committed to the evangelization of the professional and intellectual milieu.

Inspired by the Gospel and the Catholic Social Teaching, ICMICA supports members to think, reflect and act on concrete issues facing our world and our Church.

Since 1946, ICMICA has been a space for global reflection and action on issues of concern for Catholic lay leaders and lay professional organizations.

What are the objectives of ICMICA Pax Romana?

The aims of ICMICA are to:  

  • Support the deepening of the faith and the coherence of life of its members.
  • Support the process of constant formation of its members in spiritual matters, in commitment, and in professional and intellectual matters by way of exchange of experiences, shared study, openness to the Word of God and the celebration of, and participation in, the life of the ecclesial community, in communion with the local Church, in which it is present, and with the universal Church.  
  • Serve as witness of the Gospel in the various communities and environments with which it is involved and to contribute intellectually and professionally to a proactive dialogue between the Christian faith and cultures, and between faith and reason;
  • Act in defense of human dignity and human rights, for the construction of true peace on earth, for the eradication of all forms of poverty and injustice, and for sustainable development in harmony with nature;
  • Pursue its entire works on behalf of society in the light of the Social Teachings of the Church, and especially through the professional and intellectual contributions of its members;
  • Contribute to the path of ecumenism seeking the growth of communion between all Churches and Christian communities; and to be in dialogue, peace and understanding among religions.

What is the mission of ICMICA Pax Romana?

Inspired by the Gospel and the Catholic Social Teaching, our members are committed to the option for the poor, integral human development, interreligious dialogue, and the empowerment of women and young professionals. ICMICA is recognized as an International Association of the Faithful by the Holy See. With our sister movement, the International Movement of Catholic Students, we are an accredited nongovernmental organization with the United Nations System under the common name, Pax Romana (ICMICA-IMCS).

I am in Africa, is ICMICA present in my country?

ICMICA is present in 23 countries in Africa:

Western Africa: Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso,

Eastern Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi.

Central Africa: Gabon, DRC, Cameroun

Southern Africa: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Madagascar, South Africa

We are in communication with Ethiopia, Namibia, Congo Brazzaville, Mozambique.

Who are qualified to be members of ICMICA?

Even though ICMICA was created by the former members of IMCS (International Movement of Catholic Students), ICMICA members are not limited to former members of IMCS only. Any individual or a group that is willing to live the spirituality of action, serve the Church and society, and help others to grow spiritually and professionally in line with the Gospel and Teachings of the Catholic Church, can join ICMICA.

ICMICA has united a wide range of individuals, small communities, national movements, and international networks with a shared commitment to support one another across borders and to integrate faith and action for a more just world.

What are the categories of members?

A group or federation of Catholic Professionals in a particular country affiliated to ICMICA may have its own structure and type of membership.

However, at international level, ICMICA has 03 types of membership which are:

  • Constituent members,
  •  Corresponding members,
  • Individual members.

Constituent members are inter-professional organizations recognized by the Hierarchy of the Church and the International Council of ICMICA, grouping either directly or indirectly the Catholic intellectual and cultural leaders of a particular country or nation and guaranteeing to each grouping its free representation.

Corresponding members are those inter-professional organizations, recognized by the Hierarchy (the local conference of Bishops), which do not have in the opinion of the Council and the characteristics required to be constituent members.

Individual members are those persons asking to join the movement directly and who get approval from the International Council of ICMICA.

How do I join ICMICA?

ICMICA Africa is establishing a specific program for young professionals. Each country has youth ambassadors that help young professionals join the movement. If you are a former member of IMCS or a former member of any Catholic action groups at the campus or university level or just an individual/group that wishes to live the Catholic faith and the spirituality of Pax Romana (Spirituality of action); you are trying to find space to continue your service to the Church and society; you wish to expand your career and your professional network; you are less than 40 years old, you are welcome. Please do get in touch with the youth leaders in your country here. They will help you to know the movement and to participate in the activities.

If you are above 40years old, you are passionate about mentoring young people, networking, advocating, and lobbying for Justice, peace and Human Rights, and you are looking for a space to help you nurture and grow your spirituality, please do get in touch with the leader of the movement in your country here.

In case you find challenges connecting with the leaders in your country, please get in touch with ICMICA Africa Coordinator Olive Maria at +254718713370 or email