The Mouvement Chrétien des Cadres et Dirigeants du Gabon (MCC-G),  celebrated its 10th anniversary from January 10 to 12, 2020, at the Petit Séminaire Saint-Jean in Libreville. These days revolved around the theme: “The Christian Movements of Professionals in Africa, challenges and perspectives facing the challenges of the continent ”. The Bishop invited the members of the MCC to enter into the victory of Christ and to bring the victory of Christ wherever they are. Likewise, he exhorted the participants to bring the world of work into the victory of Christ.

The day of Saturday began with the presentation of the history of the MCC Gabon. The participants were edified by the major stages which marked the launch of the MCC Gabon in 2006, until its formalization in January 2010, by His Excellency Monsignor Basile MVE ENGONE Metropolitan Archbishop of Libreville.

Then, during the conference-debate, the different speakers shared their experiences and the commitment of their movements to the current crises. Discussions also focused on the position of the Catholic Church vis-à-vis the current diversity of religious, the importance for Catholics to mark their identity and to commit themselves to the transformation of society.

Finally, the speakers looked confidently on the expected demographic growth for the next few years, emphasizing the training of young people to ensure sustainable growth. The day ended with an excursion to the RAPONDA WALKER arboretum, an opportunity for the MCC-G to introduce its guests to the advantages of our forest, the first wealth of our country.

The day of Sunday January 12, 2020, which marked the end of the activities, was an opportunity for the MCC-G to present all the teams that had served during its 10 years of existence, and the different projects that animate the life of each of them. Thus, six (6) teams, grouping together around fifty members, have been set up in two (2) of the six (6) dioceses in the country. However, reaching the other dioceses for the expansion of the movement is ongoing. This day was also marked by the signing of the official partnership between MCC-France and MCC Gabon.