Alex’s first qualification was in Social Sciences (BSc (Hons). He went on to obtain a Post Graduate qualification in Forced Migration Studies & Human Rights and later an MSc MOD. Thereafter, he undertook law studies in the UK and has a Masters in Law (LLM) and another Masters in International Law and Human Rights. Under his belt, he also has an MBA and a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 in Strategic Management.

In terms of background, Alex is a son of Africa. He lived and grew up in Southern Africa and Eastern Africa before leaving for Europe. He speaks eight African languages.

In terms of work, he has worked in a number of African countries including Kenya where he was once the IMCA- Pax Romana Pan-African Coordinator with the well-known Sir Marcel Akpovo who is now a renowned Human Rights UN Rep in Africa, specifically in Addis Ababa. Alex worked as a civil servant in various countries including the UK where he currently resides. He also worked for NGO’s including the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in South Africa, IMCS & ICMICA Pax Romana in Nairobi and at the UN Human Rights HQ in Geneva where he participated in the historic planning of the UN World Conference Against Racism and all forms of Discrimination that was hosted by South Africa in Durban.

In the UK, among various posts in various Local Authorities, he once worked as a Family Court Advisor. Currently, he is self-employed as a consultant and from time to time, he gets instructed by UK courts and other Legal Reps as an expert on family court cases and Immigration cases.

Alongside his consultancy, Alex continues to contribute to society by being a board member of a couple of organisations including the Newman Association where he is a Council member and board member of the Newman Trust. He was also appointed by the Bishop of Arundel as Foundation Governor of St Richards’ Catholic College, an outstanding college in the South East of England. He also serves at his local Parish in various positions.