MIIC Togo Retreat on 24th July 2022

On Sunday, July 24, 2022, as part of its activities and for the strengthening of the relational capacities of its members, the MIIC PAX ROMANA TOGO organized a recollection at the end of the pastoral year 2021-2022 at the Monastery of the Clarisse sisters of Aképé in the prefecture of Avé with the presence of about forty participants.

This family recollection aimed at establishing a better brotherhood between the member families of the Pax Romana and to strengthen the love between the couple and the children for more sociability and social balance in order to better build the members of the Pax Romana Togo on the role of the family in God’s plan and the role of a Christian family in society.

This recollection is organized on the theme “Improve family fraternity of the members of Pax Romana Togo“.

The day began with a mass in community at 9 am to entrust to the Lord, the activities of the MIIC Pax Romana Togo, the life of all its members as well as their families.

Following the mass, the families settled in the open air under the trees for the continuation of the program. The President of MIIC Togo, Dr Jules WAHARE, after the words of welcome to the participants, recalled the objective of the recollection before the presentations by insisting on the profession including the study class for the children with a view to mutual aid between the members according to needs. Then, the participants followed the teaching on the chosen theme and led by the couple Elvire and Dominique KITEGI, moderating couple of the family pastoral team Holy Family of Nazareth (SAFANA) of the Archdiocese of Lomé.

During the exchanges, the host couple talked to the participants about tips and tricks for maintaining harmony in their couple, sharing feelings in the couple, the type of relationship to have and maintain with their children in order to succeed in the education that parents want to give them.

This meeting was very rewarding for everyone, especially the couples. These exchanges made it possible for everyone to be reminded of small gestures, behaviors that we often forget to do as couples or to say to our spouses.

This family recollection initiative, the first edition of its kind at Pax Romana TOGO, has mainly made it possible to create a framework for family reunions, by getting to know each other beyond just the members of the MIIC and by improving the fraternity between husbands, wives and children in the family.

Lomé on Sunday July 24, 2022 at the monastery of the Clarisse Sisters of AKEPE

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Benjamin TOKPA – Alexandre KABIEZIM & Jules WAHARE