Leadership training Programme


With the view of helping members and those who whish to empower their capacities to overcome the challenges within their workplaces and families, Pax Romana ICMICA Africa, in partnership with the Center for Leadership and Management of Tangaza University, came up with this leadership programme.

A certificate will be offered at the end of the training.

Pax Romana is supporting members to access course with affordable cost by using her membership. This is with the view of supporting equal opportunities and accessible informal education for all.

Pax Romana is trying to reduce cost as much as possible without affecting the quality of the formation by partnering with an accredited institution.


By this course, we intend to:

  • Help participants develop their leadership abilities and skills in order to be able to bring positive changes in their workplaces and within their families.
  • Empower the capacity of the members to support the mission of evangelization of the professional milieu through good leadership and good work.
  • Support organizational growth and social transformation by enhancing the ability of the participants to bring them about.


The course will take 30 hours: 03 hours per week (Saturday) for 10 weeks. This is inclusive of assignments submissions.


The training will be done online on zoom and google classroom.


French and English


Module 1: Self-awareness and self-mastery

Module 2: Conflict and differences management

Module 3: Values-driven and high impact leadership

Module 4: Unleashing the Potential in Yourself and in Others

Module 5: Developing high impact leadership capabilities

Module 6: Become an effective communicator

Module 7: Becoming an effective Team Leader

Module 8: Leading team and individual growth

Module 9: Coaching techniques

Module 10: Developing your Networks and the structures of innovation


At the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  • Develop skills and traits to effectively grow their teams and their organizations
  • Develop their own strategies of communication, influence, and engage with stakeholders.
  • Drive effective change in their respective organizations
  • Develop entrepreneurial mindsets and drive innovation within their organizations
  • Adopt values and leadership practices that support sustainability
  • Be able to overcome contemporary organizational challenges
  • Leverage relationships, networks, and interpersonal interactions to drive business growth and innovation.

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