MIIC Togo and VED in solidarity with Sylvanus Olympio CHU Lomé

MIIC (Mouvement International des Intellectuels et professionnels Catholiques) Pax Romana TOGO and the NGO VED (Voie éclairée des Enfants Démunis -Enlightened Way for Poor Children) show their solidarity with children hospitalized in pediatrics at the Sylvanus Olympio CHU in Lomé, Togo.

Placed under the theme: “Solidarity in the face of Covid-19: Support and comfort to parents of hospitalized children“, the NGO VED (Lighted Pathway for Poor Children) and the International Catholic Movement for Intellectuals and Cultural Affairs (MIIC) Pax Romana Togo came together to show their solidarity with the sick children of pediatrics of the CHU Sylvanus Olympio in Lomé on Friday May 29, 2020.

For Dr Jules Yaovi WAHARE (President of MIIC Pax Romana – TOGO) and Miss Biodjokoto AGBOBA (Coordinator of VED Europe / Africa), this action carried out together, aims to support the efforts of the Togolese government in its fight against the pandemic, but also and above all to show their solidarity with the beneficiaries.

A total of 150 parents or caretakers received kits consisting of bottles of mineral water, liquid soap and protective masks for the pediatrics of the Sylvanus Olympio University Hospital in Lomé (the largest in the country). This donation will allow parents to relieve a bit from many difficulties they encounter in caring for their sick and hospitalized children in these trying times following the COVID pandemic 19.

The beneficiaries were also made aware of the coronavirus and the protection measures. They were asked to strictly observe these measures, in particular by avoiding physical contact and by practicing social distancing and all other measures.

This action was highly appreciated by the nursing staff who received these donations. It is the same feeling which animated direct beneficiaries, who thanked the generous donors for their gesture towards them, particularly in favor of their sick children.

We can never say it enough, this COVID 19 pandemic has brought us back to the fundamental values ​​of living together promoted for thousands of years by the Church. We are and remain all ONE because of our belonging to Humanity and we have no other choice but to cultivate solidarity sharing, and all actions promoting our living together.

MIIC Pax Romana Togo: “faith in action” !!!