Regional Meeting in 2018



1. Sub-Regional Teams

Our movement will grow only if we have strong sub-regional teams. In the spirit of the Ivory Coast resolutions, each sub region needs to nominate a country to act as a subregional coordinator. Here are the proposed sub-regional coordinators.
a. East Africa (AMECEA)- Uganda (Richard Kakeeto)
b. West Africa (RECOWA)- Mali (Dr. Chantal Afou)
c. Southern Africa (IMBISA)- Zimbabwe (Albert Dhafana)
d. Central Africa- DRC (Paul Vinny and Jean BaptiSte Ndundu )
The sub-regional coordinators, together with the regional team (which comprises: Fredrick Wamalwa, Jules Wahare, Valentin Makongo and Jules Zannou), will constitute the regional coordination team.

2. Regional Secretariat

We shall hire a regional volunteer that will be paid a modest stipend. The volunteer will be based at the IMCS regional office in Nairobi. To start, we are interested in a person (preferably a young professional, who has recently graduated) who can carry out specific tasks on-behalf of Pax Romana Africa, as assigned by the Vice President and the Regional coordination team. The person will mostly make a follow-up on the commitments that were made in Ivory Coast. Next steps:
a. Fredrick and Jules Wahare will draft a realist annual budget for running the Secretariat (on assumption that IMCS Africa will agree to share office).
b. Fredrick and Jules Wahare to draft the Terms of Reference for the volunteer
c. Fredrick and Jules Wahare to share the budget and Terms of Reference with Marcel and the regional coordination team.
d. Marcel and Fredrick and a small team to explore the resources for supporting the secretariat.

3. Pax Romana Africa Trust

It is becoming difficult to register Trusts in most countries. In most countries, the process might take a relatively long time. Given this reality, we need to undertake a mapping exercise of the requirement for registering a Christian Trust in the different countries and then do a comparative analysis. Next steps:
a. Faith Odhiambo, Jules Wahare and Jules Zannou to lead the process of undertaking the mapping exercise.

4. Pax Romana Regional Bank

We have a regional bank account held under the name of Fr. Etienne and two Kenyan officials. However, Fr. Etienne is currently based in Belgium. Next steps:
a. Fredrick and Jules Zannou to follow up with Fr. Etienne about the details of the Pax Romana Africa Bank Account.
b. Fredrick and Jules Zannou to find out if it is possible to have signatories from other countries.

5. Webinar Series

We would like to launch the Pax Romana Africa Webinar series to discuss different topical issues. The webinar could also be a means of communication as it has become difficult to communicate via skype. Next steps:
a. Fredrick Wamalwa to raise USD 300 annual subscription for the webinar
b. Richard Kakeeto, Albert Dhafana and Jules Wahare to develop the concept note for the webinar series- methodology etc.

6. Pax Romana Communication Strategy

We need to streamline our communication strategy. We need a Pax Romana Africa web site, twitter, and Facebook page, among others. Next steps:
a. Joseph Rahasa and Paul Vinny to help in streamlining our communication. They will ensure we have a Pax Romana common web site, twitter, and Facebook page.

7. Participation in SECAM Activities

SECAM Golden Jubilee Year will be held in Kampala in July 2019. Next Steps:
a. Albert Dhafana to explore how Pax Romana can participate in the planned activities
b. Fredrick and Jules Wahare to lead a delegation of Pax Romana to the golden celebrations in Kampala.

8. Transition from IMCS/YCS to Pax Romana ICMICA

In Ivory Coast, it was noted the movement needs to invest in strategies to attract young people. Next Steps: a. Paul Vinny (DRC) have volunteered (offered) to be officially nominated as the Pax Romana Youth Ambassador. His role will be to develop strategies on how Pax Romana ICMICA can attract young professionals especially from IMCS/YCS.


1. Kenya

 There is renewed energy to strengthen the movement right from the parishes, all the way to the national level.  The national president held a meeting with the National Pastoral Coordinator regarding opportunities for strong relationship between the local episcopal conference and Pax Romana.

2. Madagascar

Currently organising a national convening to be held on 11th and 12th May 2019. Close to 200 members are expected to attend. Joseph will share with Fredrick a short description of the event. Fredrick to invite members from other countries.

3. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is the coordinating country for the Southern African IMBISA region. Catholic Professionals Network of Zimbabwe (CPNZ) has launched community outreach activities as a strategy for recruit members in the movement. For instance, 30th March 2019, CPZN has organised a marathon in Gweru region. CPNZ is developing a lay catholic formation hand book, which is already in draft. CPNZ has been formally allocated a Chaplain by the Bishops. CPNZ is currently working closely with the local church to address Zimbabwe’s currently social economic challenges. For instance, CPNZ is working with Jesuits to develop a concept note on national dialogue. Some of the members of CPNZ will be advising the local Bishops on topical issues. Three members are planning to attend a national convening of MCCP in Madagascar. Albert Dhafana together with Fr. Claudio will mobilise members from Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana and others to attend a national convening of MCCP in Madagascar.

4. Benin 

A meeting was held where members were briefed about the meeting in Ivory Coast. MIIC-Benin has been invited to make a presentation during the meeting of Lay movements in Benin.

5. Ivory Coast

The process of registering MIIC-Ivory Coast has been completed.  Working together with the local church, MIIC-Ivory Coast (under the leadership of Leon LOUKOU) has embarked on an impressive national drive, mainly targeting young professionals. MIIC Ivory Coast is also developing perhaps one of the largest Pax Romana projects in the whole world, aimed at increasing participation of young people in the country’s planned national elections.

6. Cameroun

In December 2018, Fabrice Nintedem and Ndjandjo Hermine Patricia convened a meeting in Cameroun, that brought in a number of members to discuss the future of the movement.  They are currently developing a plan of action for 2019.  Fabrice Nintedem will share with Fredrick the consolidated action plan.

7. Togo

Under the leadership of the national president, Dr Jules Wahare, the Togolese team has set up a commission of 4 members (2 from MIIC and 2 from MIEC) lead by the Secretary General of MIIC Togo, Mr Marcelin NEHANKE to propose strategies of attracting young professionals and the way of reinforcing collaboration between MIIC and MIEC in Togo;  Share a copy of the communiqué of Abidjan session with the Director of lay organizations and movements of Lomé;  The movement is popularising the catholic social teaching in parishes.