This is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the youth ambassadors of ICMICA Africa at a national and continental level.

Mission and responsibilities:

  • Connect young graduates to the community of young professionals in their respective countries.
  • Support the transition of young graduates from the students’ movement to the professional movement: develop and implement campaign strategies.
  • Organize training sessions to help young graduates know about ICMICA and the professional movement in their respective countries.
  • Work closely with the national executive of IMCS, IYCS and other group to ensure a smooth transition to the professional movement.
  • In collaboration with the continental ambassadors, develop and organize regional activities and training programs that support the development of young professionals.
  • Act as young professionals’ spokespersons or advocates to defend the interests and agenda of young people.
  • Represent the young professionals in any Regional or International Youth Forum and actively participate in related activities.
  • Find opportunities to collaborate with other Young Professional Movements and like-minded organizations to support the agenda of young people.
  • Develop surveys to seek feedback and views of the young professionals and to learn more about them; present the findings and the recommendations to the regional team and the national leaders of ICMICA.
  • Draft position letters, and statements on behalf of the young professionals on a special matter that affect the youth that requires public and authorities’ attention.
  • Reach out to local media to talk about the issues facing young people entering the workforce.
  • Promote social media and video campaigns to gain attention on youth matters, promote the organization, and empower other youths.

Terms and mandate

  • The mandate of a national youth ambassador is 02 years renewable.
  • The national leaders of ICMICA in each country appoint the first youth ambassadors. Young professionals will elect the next ones.
  • The mandate of the Pan African Ambassadors is 04 years. They are appointed by the executive team of ICMICA Africa.
  • The role of a youth ambassador should not interfere with the role of the executive of ICMICA at a national level.
  • The position of a youth ambassador does not hold a political or a statutory power within the organization. However, they can influence statutory change through the national structure.
  • The role of an ambassador is on a voluntary basis. However, when an ambassador is tasked to represent the organization, the ambassador on the mission will be supported/facilitated by the movement that sent him/her.

Skills required

  • Leadership skills
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Ability to communicate effectively and grasp Global Perspectives
  • A strong capacity to network and be part of a global community
  • A deep understanding of youth’s needs and interests
  • Better understanding of Pax Romana and its structure
  • Passionate about the continuous learning and skills development